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Sensus Swayze Coloured Lock-On Grips - Select Your Own Colours £24.99


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Product Name Price Qty
Sensus Swayze Lock-On Grip - Lime Green with Black
Sensus Swayze Lock-On Grip - Bright Red with Black Collar
Sensus Swayze Lock-On Grip - Lime Green with Green
Sensus Swayze Lock-On Grip - Bright Blue with Blue Collar
Sensus Swayze Lock-On Grip - Gum Rubber with Black Collar
Sensus Swayze Lock-On Grip - Gum Rubber with Red Collar

Quick Overview

The original and the best grip from Sensus, choose from a range of different coloured grips and collars.

Availability: In stock



Here is the lock-on version of our most popular and coveted grip the "Swayze." This grip is incredible for all types of riding, featuring "Lock Cover Technology" and ODI patented lock design.

Feels like your favorite slide-on grip and locks like your favorite lock-on grip!

“These are the grips I have wanted forever, so I took it upon myself to design and create them… Simple and perfect.” -CamZink

Made in the USA by ODI

*Comes with extremely safe and durable Kraton Rubber bar ends that match up absolutely perfect with the outer flange.

"We were sold on the Swayze grips the first time we saw the lock-on covers at the end of the grip. No more careful positioning of the clamps to get that bolt head away from your hand, and no more metal spurs in the hand after gouging the aluminum in a crash. The tapered grip cover design helps to keep hands centered within the ends of the grip. We found the big rubber rings on the inside of the grip to get in the way of shifter duty, so we trimmed them off without affecting the integrity of the grip surface. After our little modification, the Swayze's lengthened grip surface is optimal for large hands. The raised, super soft rubber compound initially felt spongy, but with gloves on, proves to be very comfortable and sticky. Grip diameter is similar to ODI's Ruffian, which we already love, but the Swayze is slightly grippier, softer, and a heck of a lot wider. The comfort of the grip clamp cover with the wider profile is an instant win". - Brad Walton,Pinkbike