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AMS OS Enduro Frame Strap [Red]


Quick Overview

AMS OS Enduro Frame Strap

Soft, durable, rubberised strap for storing tubes, tools etc.


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AMS OS Enduro Frame Strap

Designed to help you deal with those 'Oh Sh!t' kinda moments. The OS strap helps to keep those moments at bay, now you can take a tube, levels, small multi tool, CO2 canister etc etc with you, but without having to load yourself up like a pack mule.

Why the OS Strap?

We know there are other straps out there on the market, but we think the AMS OS Strap is the best and this why.

  • Its made from a soft, durable, elastic material which means that unlike a lot of the coarser material versions out there, the OS strap is going to be much kinder on your paintwork.
  • It isn't porous, water runs off it like a ducks back, meaning no need to dry it out after grim rides, its easy to clean, and you can leave your gear attached to your bike without having to worry about rust.
  • It's made from a TPE material which means its not going to contaminate your food etc, you could even lick it if you wanted. You probably shouldn't though.